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Consider this headline. As if we didn’t have enough sins to struggle with. Gotta love the Vatican.


dw.jpg  Dawn Wells, forever in our hearts as Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, apparently got caught with weed.  Which makes me wonder if the Minnow was actually shipwrecked due to rough weather.


Now I will admit that being a man, I have read my fair share of newspapers and magazines while sitting on the porcelain throne. However, this lady puts me to shame.


incrediblehulk20080312_067.jpg  This is what the new Hulk design looks like for this summer’s The Incredible Hulk movie. Despite the mullet, it looks a little cooler than the “Shrek on steroids” look from the 2003 Ang Lee-directed Hulk. One can only hope that this time we are spared the hulk-poodle and any Nick Nolte-esque overacting. [H/T Comic Book Resources]



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