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Summer movies, so far

Star Trek  A whole lot better than it should have been. I was right in hoping that they would keep the cool stuff (space travel, aliens, starship battles, phaser fights, fisticuffs, and camaraderie) and jettison the draggy stuff (wooden acting, cheap sets and special effects, self importance). The casting is rock solid (especially Karl Urban as Bones and Zachary Quinto as Spock) and the story moves like gangbusters with plenty of humor. Granted, like all movies featuring time travel there are some plot holes, but otherwise its great fun. Just one question: does anyone else wonder why alien species look and behave just like us in the Star Trek universe?

The Hangover  Absolutely appalling, but funny as all get-out. Caught this one on a guy’s night while my wife and some of her girlfriends went to see The Proposal. I think the guys got the better portion.

UP  As far as I am concerned, a new classic. Not a false note in this deeply moving, riveting, laugh-out-loud, heartfelt adventure, and I feel no shame in admitting that I choked up a couple of times. How does Pixar make movies with animated characters that seem so real while Michael Bay makes movies with flesh and blood actors who come off like cartoons?

Seen anything good? Seen anything that made you want to sue to get the time back that you spent on it? Sound off in the comments.


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Nine More

Movies that I may see this year

Shutter Island – Scorsese directing a movie based on a great novel by one of my favorite writers? Dude.

Avatar – James Cameron returns to science fiction, with no ocean liners or clichéd love stories in sight.

I Love You, Man – This one could go either way, but the two leads bust me up every time I see them.

The Maiden Heisthere’s why.

Public EnemiesMichael Mann directing a movie about gangsters and g-men in the 30s? Sold.










Up – Another probable winner from Pixar.


watchmencastWatchmen – Zack Snyder’s long-awaited adaptation of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons masterpiece. Unfortunately, we may have to wait a little while longer for this one: distribution rights are currently in legal contention.

beniciowolfmanThe Wolf Man – I would normally eschew horror remakes, but with Benicio del Toro starring and the legendary Rick Baker doing the special effects, this might be a keeper.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Initially, I had no interest in this one, but the trailer makes me think twice.

Movies that I wouldn’t see with a gun to my head

Bride Wars – just the title and the fact that Kate Hudson is in it are enough.

Dragonball: Evolution – Anime brought to life. Oh joy.

Friday the 13th – What, the 10 sequels didn’t offer enough variations on “Guy in hockey mask runs around and kills kids at camp”?

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra – What’s next, a Masters of the Universe movie? Oh, never mind.

He’s Just Not That Into You – and I’m just not that into 2 hours of torture.

My Bloody Valentine 3D – 3D is usually code for “suck.”

The Pink Panther 2 – I didn’t see the first one, so why break with tradition? Steve Martin should be sentenced to dig up Peter Sellers and stop him from doing 360s in his grave.

Race to Witch Mountain – so how long before The Rock has to return to wrestling?

Terminator Salvation – stupid title, stupid idea, stupid director

Now how about you? What movies are you looking forward to or dreading in the new year?

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