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Congratulations everywhere

Congratulations to some friends of mine who have recently cleared some serious hurdles:

Ladies first: the lovely and talented Andrea Morris who successfully defended her dissertation at George Mason University and will receive her PhD in Public Policy in a couple of weeks.

Andy Pierce, who passed the Virginia Bar Exam.

Dave Roland, who passed the Missouri Bar Exam.

And finally, The Biscuit Rollers, who just released their first cd, South Bound Freight Train (featuring a cover designed by none other than the Rollerpimp himself). Just because their lead singer is also my brother doesn’t mean that there is a bias when I tell you these cats play some tight traditional blues.

May all of you revel in your accomplishments!

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New Year, New Edumacational Interlude

Spring classes started up tonight, so it’s back to the rodeo for this cowboy. After last semester’s mind-grinding course-load I have decided to go a little easy this time and only take 6 hours. I am taking an advanced policy course titled Families & Poverty and the second part of the Research class (both of my regular readers will recall that this was the class that caused me nausea and headaches last semester). This semester promises not to be so bad, as the worst of the foundational material is behind us and we don’t meet as often, which hopefully will lead to less time spent dealing with Dr. Sunshine.  I am actually looking forward to doing the research project. I can’t go into detail about it, this being the internet and all. Suffice to say my team and I will be studying the effectiveness of certain policies and interventions with the disabled population. If anyone is interested, I will share more as time and discretion allow.

The Families & Poverty course certainly looks interesting, based on the syllabus and the discussion that was already rolling along tonight. We are going to attempt to examine the multiple causes of and responses to poverty in the U.S. A big topic I know; but this professor is quite good (this is my 3rd course with her) and even the readings look provocative.


Happy birthday to Carl Willis, who rocks.


Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, has a great post on what happens when believers try to out-theologize each other.


This story from the Washington Post blew my mind and defies the notion that the age of miracles has passed.


The two images below just busted me up. The first is from Letters from Kamp Krusty and the second is a promotional image for the upcoming film Step Brothers (ht: CHUD). 



Have a great week!

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