And Another Thing…


So did I miss anything?

Okay, as usual things did not turn as I had planned, so allow me to explain and  recap.

When I started blogging in 2007 I was working nights to get through grad school.  A large part of my job was being there in case anything happened. If nothing happened (which was the case way more often than not) then my primary responsibility was to stay awake. How I did it was up to me. My school work and Netflix subscription were not enough to fill my shifts, so I took to blogging. I had ample time to research, think, and carefully craft my blog. However, I finished school in May of last year and got a new job two months later that I anticipated would be fairly demanding. Being somewhat vain about my writing and expecting to not have the time that I wanted to put into it, I decided to retire the blog and gleefully announced my intention of doing so in July.

It turns out that I was right about the new job. In fact, it went beyond demanding into the realm of the vicious. The only way I could have handled everything that was thrown at me was to be in two places at once. I never knew when I was going to get to go home and I had energy for nothing beyond work. What’s more, I did very little truly therapeutic work; most of it was putting out fires (figuratively speaking, of course) and cleaning up messes caused by my more personality-disordered clients. In March I learned of an opportunity in the same agency, different division, where not only the hours were more consistent but the focus was on therapy and intensive treatment rather than case management. I put my hat in the ring and managed to score the job. I am now a therapist at a residential facility for people dually-diagnosed with chronic mental illness and substance addiction. It is a far better fit, I am getting the supervision I need for licensure, and my commute never takes more than 30 minutes (it used to be over an hour).

The new job has a weird schedule (no nights though) which leaves some “me time” during the work week. I could think of a lot to do with this time, but I found that I missed blogging. What’s more, to my surprise, more than a few people told me that they missed my blog. Never one to let an ego-stroke go unappreciated, I began to consider getting back into the blogosphere.

But what really clinched the decision for me was the publication of James Davison Hunter‘s new book To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, & Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World. I had heard of Hunter before but had not read much of his work. I now realize that I was missing out on reading a sympathetic, contemporary authority on an issue that is of the utmost interest to me: the interaction of Christianity and contemporary American society. I learned about the book when Christianity Today online published an interview with Hunter. I remember thinking, “Wow, this guy makes a lot of sense.” In fact, I was so impressed by what he had to say that I put the following quote on Facebook as my status:

“When Christians turn to law, public policy, and politics as the last resort, they have essentially given up on a desire to persuade their opponents. They want the patronage of the state and its coercive power to rule the day…Whenever Christian churches and organizations partake in the will to power, they partake in …the very thing they decry in society.”

Someone who knows what he is talking about agrees with me!

So to get this baby up and running, I am going to blog through To Change the World. I am aware that Jay Guin is writing a series on this book as well. Although I read Jay’s blog on a regular basis I have deliberately not read this series so as not inadvertently plagiarise him. I will probably read his whole series when I am ready to summarize mine.

I have no delusions of influence. I am not a preacher, elder, deacon, or even widely read blogger. I don’t expect to change the world myself (pun intended). I’m just a rank-and-file believer who cares deeply about the issues that this book addresses and I want (need?) to talk about this stuff. I hope that you will come along and participate, whether you agree with my conclusions or not. Your feedback always makes this much more fun.

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11 Responses

  1. Louie says:

    Glad you’re back. I look forward to reading along.

  2. Kelly says:

    Woo-hoo! Always loved your blog brother, so glad to have you to read again! I know I will enjoy reading and responding to all your future output!

  3. Jr says:

    Love it. Spit that knowledge yo!

  4. Rollerpimp says:

    Yeah Baby! I will tell you this will be the only blog I read regularly.

  5. odgie says:

    Thanks fellas. Looking forward to what all of you have to say.

  6. Jeff says:

    Looking forward to it.

  7. Hannah says:

    Welcome back Odgie! Sam and I are looking forward to reading your new stuff. We might even participate in the discussion, if we have opinions. Not that either of us are opinionated people. 😉

  8. Rollerpimp says:

    So when you say you are restarting that means…

  9. Kelly says:

    I’ll bet that’ll be fun! Looking forward to seeing y’all soon!

  10. smilingkj says:

    I, too, am happy you’ve returned. I’ve missed reading your writing.

    By the by, I’m taking “Onward” offline and starting a new blog soon. I’ll let you know.

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