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Just Imagine

Over at The Onion’s AV Club there is an interesting post where the editorial staff writes about what fictitious world or worlds they would like to live in and why. There are some great responses. My personal favorite:

“…my fictional world is less a matter of geography than concept: I wouldn’t mind spending a week or two in the skewed reality of a Zucker-Abrams-Zucker film like Airplane! or Top Secret. How fun would that be, to have everything you say turned into a hyper-literal pun, for every stupid question to have an attendant snappy answer, and for your life to be filled with parodic non sequiturs?”

I think it’s a great question, and seeing as I lack the shame necessary to stop me from stealing a good idea, I wanted to put it to any readers who are interested. Mine is below the fold:

I’d like to live in the Wild West, Hollywood-style (remember, this is fictitious). In the Hollywood west, nobody gets scurvy, everyone has all of their teeth, the drinking water is clean, and most towns are only a couple of days’ ride apart. It hardly ever rains. There is adventure over every hilltop. Outlaws can’t shoot very well and the bad guys always get what is coming to them. Plus, the saloons are open 24/7, filled with pretty women, and there is always a poker game going on.

Runner up: The Looney Toons World. Being able to recover instantly from a 100 foot fall or having an anvil dropped on my head? Boss, man.

Now how about you? Anything in any genre goes, so kick in with your two cents: What fictional world (novels, film, television) would you like to live in (or visit for an extended period) and why?


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