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“Odgie, MSW” or “The Last Edumacational Interlude”

And that, as they say, is that. After 4 years, 60 credit hours, 390 class meetings (give or take), 1200 hours of unpaid labor internship, 5000 pages of reading, 150 or so papers of varying length and depth, and about $XXXXX total, I walked on May 15th.

Apparently, I wore this stupid grin the whole ceremony

Apparently, I wore this stupid grin the whole ceremony

It was a long strange trip; alternately challenging, rewarding, exasperating, exhausting, and I wouldn’t take anything for it. I had certain expectations going in, both good and bad; fortunately, most of them were wrong.

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The Stupidest Thing(s) I’ve Heard This Week

It’s been a while since I caught an episode of American Idol, and no, I don’t miss it. First, I really don’t care which mediocre performer the audience deems worthy of a bright future playing at state fairs. Secondly, how can one “miss” anything when each development is broadcast or written about everywhere, ad nauseum?

Of course, this year there was a perceived new wrinkle in Simon Cowell’s on-going campaign to advance the dumbing down of American music: one of the two finalists, Adam Lambert, is a nail polish and eyeliner wearing shreiker of questionable sexuality while the other finalist, Kris Allen, is a married, wholesome-looking Christian former worship leader. Many in the blogosphere have become determined to stage the showdown as believer-vs.-gay guy.

Having never heard either of them, I have no opinion or concern regarding who should have won. However, Mr. Allen was declared the winner last Wednesday night. For some, his victory confirms America’s raging homophobia:

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If a blog could die from neglect…

…this one would be buried. My reasons are not that different from others whose blogs suffer from similar negligence, except that I finished freakin’ grad school!!!

But more on that later.

If anyone is wondering, i’ll get back soon, I promise.

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