And Another Thing…


Nine for ‘09

Looking back…

Nine Most Popular Posts at AAT in 2008

  1. Let freedom ring…except on campus (1,051 views) – In which I pingbacked to Mark Elrod’s blog (now gone private), touched on a subject which provoked strong reactions, and learned about the joys of comment moderation.
  2. American Movie “Classics” (901 views) – A lot of folks seemed to share my opinion that Piñata: Survival Island and Navy Seals don’t quite qualify as classics.
  3. Cheesus Saves (783 views) – Mmm, holy snack food.
  4. And the dust settles… (458 views) – The fallout from #2.
  5. New Year, new Edumacational Interlude (425 views) – I have no idea why.
  6. About (389 views) – Presumably, these folks wanted to know how I got this way.
  7. Jesus, School My Heart (387 views) – Sing it!
  8. Pentecostals With Mullets: Brother Barry Woo-hoo! (384 views) – Satan is a liar!
  9. Just like everybody else (381 views) – In which I suggest that maybe folks with disabilities might value their lives.

…and looking ahead 

Nine Things I Am Looking Forward To in 2009

  1. Graduation from VCU
  2. Another year with Christine
  3. My next job (whatever that may be)
  4. Graduation from VCU
  5. A long vacation
  6. Being able to stay awake in church because I did not work the night before
  7. Graduation from VCU
  8. Free weekends
  9. Did I already mention graduating?

Happy New Year to everyone – may joy, health, and prosperity be the constants of your life in 2009.


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2 Responses

  1. diesel says:

    Happy New Year, Odgie!

  2. odgie says:

    Diesel – A happy new year to you, as well. I’m honored. If you don’t know who diesel is, click on his name and visit one of the funniest blogs on the web.

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