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Mandatory Holiday Post (belated)

With my schedule being what it is, the missus and I were once again unable to travel this year. However, we were happy to host her parents and grandparents for Christmas. Also, her brother and his family were able to get a day away and drive up from Virginia Beach. Everyone fell in love with Max and spoiled him rotten – to the point that now every time he sees somebody carrying a bag he tries to follow them in the hope that he will get a treat.

Speaking of treats, Christine whipped up several righteous feeds and nobody left our place hungry. All of this while she was recovering from a bout of strep throat. My gal is a trooper. I tried to help as much as possible but I tend to leave a trail of destruction in my wake (not unlike the Tasmanian Devil) in the kitchen, so much of my help was keeping the place clean, keeping us in household supplies, and keeping out of her way.

I was also able to actually finagle some down time, albeit short-lived. I had to work Christmas Eve but was off Christmas night, and the two following nights. I felt like a dilettante.

On Saturday I took her parents and grandparents downtown to do some sightseeing. Christine’s grandfather is a World War II veteran and had never seen the WWII memorial. We also got to see the Korean War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. Seeing those places always leaves me humbled and grateful.

I received many gifts for which I am thankful, including Lyle Lovett and His Large Band’s It’s Not Big, Its Large, Grace Potter’s Original Soul, and a new camera from my in-laws.

Despite everything that went right, one thought kept reverberating through my head this holiday season – this may be the last time I have to worry about work schedules and the holidays. Let it be.


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2 Responses

  1. Kathi says:

    What, did you all of a sudden find out you married rich and you’re gonna live off your wife?

  2. odgie says:

    No, but this time next year i’ll be done with school and hopefully working a gig that doesn’t require round the clock and holiday coverage.

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