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A Georgia pastor has been charged with embezzlement. However, this fellow wasn’t embezzling from his congregation. Instead, he stole $70,000 from his day gig as an apartment complex manager and funneled the money into his church. An innovative solution to drops in contributions in these troubled times.


Has anyone else been watching the sideshow taking place at the Washington state capitol in Olympia? Since a Christmas tree has been displayed in public view, an atheist group has put up a sign denouncing religious faith. Surprise surprise, folks have been protesting, including an organized rally this past Sunday.

An organizer at Sunday’s rally, Steve Wilson, said outrage over the display was growing, and that it was offensive to people of all faiths.

“When it comes to disparaging my faith on public property, that’s where I draw the line,” Wilson said.

Plenty of questions about this come to mind, but I will stick with one: Why do believers care about such things? Does anyone believe for a second that a person of faith is going to see this sign, slap his/her forehead, and say, “Whoa! What was I thinking?” and abandon his/her beliefs? Arguing over such things makes us look petty and small. The only reason that people seek to censor something is because they are afraid of it; and we have nothing to fear from a sign or an idea. The truth can handle other viewpoints.


And now for the good news: televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s jet has been ruled by a Texas court to not be tax-exempt. I hope that this is just a small pebble in a landslide of court cases making Copeland and every other huckster who fleeces the gullible accountable for every penny donated to their “ministries.” It is past time that these clowns were put out of business.


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4 Responses

  1. David B says:

    Gee, Mike, if the Beast can start taxing my Learjet, it’s a slippery slope to him taxing my holy water, boardroom Jesus pictures, and my collection of Left Behind books.

    The pursuit of ‘holy stuff’ to surround us I believe is one of the great heresies of this generation. It makes us think that the church is a building and that our primary project within the church is to support our preachers, institutions, and the outward symbols of religion. When our treasurer was giving our budget report he showed the troubling fact that our checking balance has dropped 25% in a year…we’ve had a lot of expenditures, and the financial problems elsewhere have really hit our congregation. That was fine…what I hated, though, was that he closed with a statement, “If things are going the way they are now, we’ll have to close in three years.” Sigh…maybe it would be a blessing if we all went bankrupt or the government removed our tax-exempt status and started milking, because then maybe we’d get back to being what we should have been in the first place.

  2. Shayna says:

    Hey Odge,

    It’s not a sign next to the Christmas tree, it’s next to a nativity scene and I think the main concern is that they couldn’t find another place in the building for the sign. It’s obviously a dig at the nativity, which I can see as offensive to some people.

  3. odgie says:

    Dave – well said, and I agree.

    Shayna – You know, its offensive to me too. But I see no benefit in causing an uproar. It just gives the people who put the sign up what they want.

  4. Frank says:

    Something else, we all need to pressure retailers into saying “Merry Christmas” as opposed to “Happy Holidays.” I love taking a stand for the truth! “Say ‘Merry Christmas’, you MOE-ron!”

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