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A Strong Indicator That Your Marriage Is In Trouble

The story says it all:

WARSAW (Reuters) – A Polish man got the shock of his life when he visited a brothel and spotted his wife among the establishment’s employees.


Polish tabloid Super Express said the woman had been making some extra money on the side while telling her husband she worked at a store in a nearby town.


“I was dumfounded. I thought I was dreaming,” the husband told the newspaper on Wednesday.


The couple, married for 14 years, are now divorcing, the newspaper reported.


(Writing by Chris Borowski, Editing by Matthew Jones)


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Must. Not. Laugh.

I am sure that all of you have had the delightful experience of going to see a movie and finding that someone in the theatre has something so important to say that it must come out right now! In the theatre! They can’t go outside, they can’t wait until the movie is over, no, they have to send that text, take that call, talk to their companions right there right now!

I remember a few years ago going to see the inoffensively mediocre Will Smith comedy Hitch with a date, and the woman across the aisle from us took a phone call in the last 30 minutes of the movie. Someone behind her politely asked her to turn it off, and she looked over her shoulder and said, “Drop dead!” She chatted on for another minute or so until someone in the back of the theatre, with one of the deepest, most intimidating voices I have ever heard, said, “Turn that s**t off now.” too which she promptly complied.

Nobody should have to put up with this. Like so many others, I am regularly appalled at the non-existent manners of people in public. So I am trying so hard not too laugh at a recent incident in Philadelphia in which a man was (no kidding) shot for talking during a movie. Fortunately, he was shot in the arm and is expected to make a full recovery.

I know that the shooter’s response was dangerous, irresponsible, uncalled for, excessive, and completely bugnuts insane. I know this. And I agree that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I am honestly surprised that this has not happened before. And as sick as it is, I can’t help but be amused. [H/T: First Showing]

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Mandatory Holiday Post (belated)

With my schedule being what it is, the missus and I were once again unable to travel this year. However, we were happy to host her parents and grandparents for Christmas. Also, her brother and his family were able to get a day away and drive up from Virginia Beach. Everyone fell in love with Max and spoiled him rotten – to the point that now every time he sees somebody carrying a bag he tries to follow them in the hope that he will get a treat.

Speaking of treats, Christine whipped up several righteous feeds and nobody left our place hungry. All of this while she was recovering from a bout of strep throat. My gal is a trooper. I tried to help as much as possible but I tend to leave a trail of destruction in my wake (not unlike the Tasmanian Devil) in the kitchen, so much of my help was keeping the place clean, keeping us in household supplies, and keeping out of her way.

I was also able to actually finagle some down time, albeit short-lived. I had to work Christmas Eve but was off Christmas night, and the two following nights. I felt like a dilettante.

On Saturday I took her parents and grandparents downtown to do some sightseeing. Christine’s grandfather is a World War II veteran and had never seen the WWII memorial. We also got to see the Korean War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. Seeing those places always leaves me humbled and grateful.

I received many gifts for which I am thankful, including Lyle Lovett and His Large Band’s It’s Not Big, Its Large, Grace Potter’s Original Soul, and a new camera from my in-laws.

Despite everything that went right, one thought kept reverberating through my head this holiday season – this may be the last time I have to worry about work schedules and the holidays. Let it be.

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Idiot of the week

I don’t know much about my readers, including the homes you grew up in. I am sure that if you were to respond to a survey about your childhoods and what kind of upbringings you had the answers would run the gamut from safe, loving homes to homes rife with dysfunction ~ I assume this because of the law of averages. However, the next time you get really angry with your parents or resentful of mistakes that they made when you were a child (or the mistakes they still make, for that matter) take my advice: stop, breathe, and think about the story below the fold.

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Angry People and Ballistic Footwear

By now I am sure that most of you have the seen the video or heard about the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush during a press conference in Baghdad. A friend of mine sent an e-mail out asking which of us, in our professional roles, was more likely to get hit by airborne shoes. This got me thinking about the type of work that I do and the number of people I have pissed off over the years in the course of doing my various jobs. There are a lot of them. And some of them have retaliated. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, it simply comes with the territory. Two of the greatest hits include:

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Religion News

…and some of it’s good

A Georgia pastor has been charged with embezzlement. However, this fellow wasn’t embezzling from his congregation. Instead, he stole $70,000 from his day gig as an apartment complex manager and funneled the money into his church. An innovative solution to drops in contributions in these troubled times.


Has anyone else been watching the sideshow taking place at the Washington state capitol in Olympia? Since a Christmas tree has been displayed in public view, an atheist group has put up a sign denouncing religious faith. Surprise surprise, folks have been protesting, including an organized rally this past Sunday.

An organizer at Sunday’s rally, Steve Wilson, said outrage over the display was growing, and that it was offensive to people of all faiths.

“When it comes to disparaging my faith on public property, that’s where I draw the line,” Wilson said.

Plenty of questions about this come to mind, but I will stick with one: Why do believers care about such things? Does anyone believe for a second that a person of faith is going to see this sign, slap his/her forehead, and say, “Whoa! What was I thinking?” and abandon his/her beliefs? Arguing over such things makes us look petty and small. The only reason that people seek to censor something is because they are afraid of it; and we have nothing to fear from a sign or an idea. The truth can handle other viewpoints.


And now for the good news: televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s jet has been ruled by a Texas court to not be tax-exempt. I hope that this is just a small pebble in a landslide of court cases making Copeland and every other huckster who fleeces the gullible accountable for every penny donated to their “ministries.” It is past time that these clowns were put out of business.

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The Sloppy Side of Sears

Megan McArdle has a funny and appalling post about her current 8 day wait for Sears to repair her broken washing machine. Reading it reminded me of a misadventure of my own with this company.

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A numbers game

Last night, I turned in my final assignment for the semester at the final class meeting for the fall. I now have…

  • 152 calendar days
  • 53 days (371 hours) at my internship
  • 15 class meetings
  • and 5 papers

…until I graduate. But who’s counting, right?


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Where in the World…