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A warning to preachers

I have always had a very low tolerance for church-hopping, and little patience with people who make a habit of it. You know the type: the preacher said something that made me uncomfortable, or I didn’t like that song, or [insert the excuse of your choice here] so i’m leaving!

Preaching is a rough job and all of us need to exercise some patience with the (mostly) good people who get up in a pulpit every Sunday and try to bring the Word to us.

But if I am ever sitting in a church auditorium and the preacher does something like this, I will walk out on the spot. And maybe hit him with a blivet afterwords.


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  1. jimmyjames32 says:


  2. David B says:

    Evidently the good preacher’s version of Romans 7:3 has a D-level reading that includes “…and they both belong to the preacher’s.”

    I’ve heard of churches doing things like this, and though I’m not as offended as you are, I wonder if perhaps a series like this only enhances the worship of sex that we have. Encourage people to pray, fast, read scripture, or give alms, and you have something that is truly Godly, for on some level every one of these things is God-centered. But order them to have sex daily and you turn the focus of people straight back onto themselves and their needs.

    As a father of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, I also wonder if there’s a provision in his program for the church daycare to watch the kiddos for the week of megasex. I’d love a program like this daily…but with small kids in the house it’s just not practical.

  3. Andy says:

    “Sex is like Superglue”

    There’s an image.

  4. Trey Morgan says:

    I figured it would make all the men happy in the congregation and the women out to punch the preacher in the nose!

  5. dangoldfinch says:


    I wrote an ‘open letter’ to ‘pastor Young’ at my blog. Most of the feedback I received from those leaving comments has been negative. I agree, this is beyond stupid.


  6. odgie says:

    Dave – I was wondering how folks with small kids would pull this off myself.

    Andy – ewww

    Trey – It might make men happy, except for the fact that I don’t think anyone, male or female, wants to hear a preacher talk about sex

    Jerry – I read your letter and thought it was wonderful. Your detractors don’t seem to get your point at all. Their problem, not yours.

  7. Andy says:

    That was what the man said.

    What bothers me isn’t so much that he’s encouraging sex (I see nothng wrong with that) so much as his program kind of makes a mockery of very real marital issues. How many people in the audience need real advice about these things and instead get a message that says “force each other to have sex every day.”

  8. Kathi says:

    Yes. It is another example of legalizing something which was intended as a gift.

  9. Jr says:

    While I probably (I would hope) would never do something like this; at least it isn’t unbiblical to tell those that are married to have sex.

    I find much more concern in ACU hosting false teachers like Brian McLaren who during a Q/A session couldn’t even say that you had to believe in Christ to ‘act’ Christian. The question, in essence was “Could Muslims follow Jesus?” His response was “Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion, he came to proclaim the Kingdom of God” and “I want to create followers of Jesus, not followers of Christianity.”

    So basically, his answer was as long as they followed Jesus’ teachings they were OK; which is the problem with McLaren and Co. You must follow Jesus, you just don’t have to actually believe in Him and who He said He is. Highly deceptive teachings and completely contrary to Jesus’ own words; along with the apostolic teachings.

    That is the cancer in our church today; and ACU gave him a standing ovation.

  10. Jr says:

    I mistyped by previous post. My first sentence in paragraph two is confusing and incorrect – my bad – typed too fast. However, overall point stays the same.

  11. Kathi says:

    And I should have said “It is another example of being legalistic about something which was intended as a gift.”

    The way I wrote it above made it sound as though sex was illegal but now is legal. OOPS. 🙂

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