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Quick Hits IX: Odgie Takes Manhattan

I am getting over a bout of walking pneumonia, which sucks real bad like. The doctor put me on a Z-pack; and while the pneumonia is out of my system I am still coughing the nasties out.


I am pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying my internship at Child Protective Services. Like most people, I was operating on a stereotype about the work that they do: I thought CPS were the social workers who come into peoples homes and take their children. I also expected every case to be a descent into the 9th circle of Hell: black eyes, broken bones, children living in filth and squalor. The reality is that it is not that bad. Yes, we sometimes do have to take children out of their homes, but only in cases of imminent danger from abuse or neglect. And those cases are rare. Most of what we do is intervene in stressful family situations and insure the safety of the children by providing support to the parents. All of my clinical skills and capacities for judgment are being put to the test, and whether I stay or go next May I know that I will learn a great deal from the experience and be a better professional for it. But holding down my paying gig and the internship is still keeping me very, very tired just about all of the time.


I managed to catch up on the first season of Life via Netflix, and I am looking forward to watching the new season on my DVR. It’s a cool show. And I really wish that Heroes would cut it with the time travel. It’s becoming a story-telling crutch. What are you watching, old and new? Any recommendations?


I still haven’t decided who I am going to vote for, but I am leaning towards the candidate whose campaign doesn’t leave &*^%! robo-messages on my voice mail and choke my mailbox with flyers. Does anyone really think that works?


For those who haven’t heard, it appear that Star Trek is being re-booted ~ a new movie is coming out next year with a new cast playing young Kirk, Spock, McCoy, et. al. On the one hand, I think that this might be a good idea: maybe they can preserve all of the cool stuff from the franchise (aliens, spaceships, explosions, phasers, and green-skinned babes in bikinis) while getting rid of the lame (wooden acting; cheesy sets; unimaginative designs for aliens; the sterile, monotonous vision of humanity’s future; and the stifling political correctness of the later series). Maybe it will be a little more like Battlestar Galactica (the new version) and Firefly. That could be very cool. But on the other hand, there is also the possibility that it will “inspire” a whole new generation of kids to not date, not move out of their parents’ homes when they grow up, learn to speak Klingon, and dress up in costumes and go to conventions. It’s a cost-benefit analysis, folks.


Mystery quote: 

“This guy could be the Krishna finger killer.”


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  1. David B says:

    If there is a positive element to living in a massively red state like Kansas, it’s that neither side really tries to campaign here. It’s rare that we see commercials for either party or receive campaign literature…the Republicans assume your vote, the democrats don’t even bother. I can count on one hand the number of Obama yard signs I’ve seen in my community. It will be interesting to see if he can win 40%.

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Kelly says:

    Feel better bro! All this running around to get your edumacation is wearing you out. I’m guessing the mystery quote is Fred Ward, “Miami Blues.” “Are you a nosy Rosy? What the f— was that!”

  3. rollerpimp says:

    Okay first off I hope you are feeling better, I had my first run in with Pneumonia a couple months ago and i can’t recommend it to anyone. Try Musinex DR, that stuff saved my life and the doctor even told me to get on it.

    I have heard good things about Life but I have to disagree on Heroes. I think it is probably the best season yet. The show that EVERYONE should be watching is Life on Mars. THe british show was my favorite and now the American version is just as good if not better with the addition of Harvey Kitel.

  4. odgie says:

    Dave – That’s interesting. Does Kansas have any liberal strongholds, sort of like Austin is to Texas?

    Kelly – You took it on the mystery quote.

    ‘Pimp – I caught the first episode of “LoM” and I liked it, especially Harvey Keitel (and the fact that at no point does he get naked).
    I think you would like “Life”.

    Thanks to all 3 of you for the well-wishes on my health.

  5. Jr says:

    I hope you continue to spit out all the junk. Take hot showers and let them fly. Glad you are on the up-swing, bro.

    “Firefly” was awesome. So was “Journeyman”. But TV execs love to take off the best shows in favor of another season of the crap-fest known as Big Brother (ugh!).

    As for suggestions. Daisha and I watch “Big Bang Theory” followed by “How I Met Your Mother” (both hilarious, though the former is funnier). “The Mentalist” is a pretty good new one and there is always “Numbers” which has been much better lately; along with “Criminal Minds” which has always been good (though it was better with Mandy “you killed my fatha, prepare to die” Patinkin).

    Can you tell we don’t have cable and only CBS comes in through the fuzz?

  6. David B says:

    Liberal strongholds in Kansas…hmmm…I guess the best bet would be Lawrence, the home of the university of Kansas. I’m sure there are some democrats in the inner harbors of Wichita and Kansas City, but I live in a highly unionized area (lots of blue-collar aircraft employees) and it’s still strongly Republican. We do have a 2-term democrat governor simply because the republicans ran two candidates in a row that were so far-right extremist that even people here couldn’t stomach them, but generally this is a solid red state.

  7. Leann says:

    I love “Life.” It was my favorite new show last season. I’m just hoping that NBC hasn’t killed it by sending it to Friday nights and doing nothing to promote it like it does it’s other less interesting shows.

  8. Micah says:

    Life is great! Heroes is still my number one! I am waiting for Lost to start again. Life on Mars is fricking cool. I too loved the British version and this one is living up!

    Sylar is playing Spock! Also, I don’t know how much of a re-boot it is. The story is that some mean aliens decide to go back in time to kill Kirk. Hilarity ensues.

  9. Frank says:

    That sounds gross. Your condition, I mean. Get well soon!

  10. odgie says:

    Jr – I dug “Journeyman” myself.

    Leann – Is “Life” in trouble?

    Micah – The thought of Sylar playing Spock is one of the things that I think may make the new “Star Trek” work. We’ll see.

    Frank – Thanks.

  11. Brian says:

    so glad to know others love Life, I love crews, i love adam arkin, i love the fruit obsession and the documentary thingy

  12. Kathi says:

    Feel better soon! 😦

    The last time I got hooked on a network TV show, it got canceled in the first season (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). So now I’m hooked on reruns of Frasier and shows like Project Runway and Top Chef.

    I’m suspicious of a new Star Trek. But then again, I did really enjoy STTNG…

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