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Meet our newest family member – Max







(Sorry for the quality of the photos…the light was bad and they were taken with my phone)

This is not going to become a doggie-blog where I post cutesy photos of Max dressed up in cutesy outfits or cutesy photos of him doing something cutesy with cutesy bad grammar superimposed (AH SNIFFS OTHER DOGZ BUTTZ!) or anything else cutesy. But, he is the newest thing in our lives and I thought that I would share his arrival and solicit feedback (more on this at the bottom).

 Max is a 5 year-old Boxer mix we adopted from A Forever Home. Like many of their animals he has a history of abuse. However, he is a mellow, well-behaved, gentle fellow and we are enjoying having him around. Most importantly, we got him already house-broken, crate-trained, fixed, and vaccinated.

 “Max” is the name he came to us with and while there is nothing wrong with that name, Christine’s sister-in-law already has a dog named Max and we are considering changing his name after he gets settled and used to his new home and family. So I put it to you: should we keep his name or change it? And if we change it, what would you suggest we change it to?


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20 Responses

  1. preacherman says:

    So cute!
    Thanks for sharing these adorable pics with us this morning.
    You have good taste in dogs. 🙂

  2. Kathi says:


    Keep the name. He needs consistency.

    Besides, our Max’s name is really Max Scooter, and there’s only one Max Scooter.

    Maybe you can call your Max…Max Brown (his color)?

    And maybe in the future (?) we’ll be fighting over baby names. 🙂

  3. Kathi says:

    PS – he really is a cutie! He looks like he has some rhodesian ridgeback in him, too.

  4. Shayna says:

    I’m feeling persecuted by this blog. One more thing to cross off my Christian to do list. 🙂 Could you write something in there about Christians who post pictures of cutesy animals with bad grammar?

  5. Kelly says:

    If he answers to Max now, you probably don’t want to change it. However, if he doesn’t yet know his name, I have always been partial to Grover.

  6. odgie says:

    Kathi – I doubt we’ll be fighting over baby names unless you and Steve want Eunice or Cletis.

    Shayna – I don’t mind the kittie pictures on other people’s blogs, as long as they have something else in there occasionally. Your blog makes good use of them – you use them for decoration and fun, not as the whole content of your blog. Seriously, have you been to some of these pet blogs? I’d hate to be some of these people’s kids and have to compete with their dog or cat.

    Trey and Preach – thanks for stopping by.

    Kelly – If we do change his name, we were actually thinking about “Gatton.”

  7. Kelly says:

    Great name! But I’d still leave it Max if he’s answering to it. Can’t wait to meet him, whatever name you choose!

  8. Kathi says:

    Could you add some tinkly music to play every time we open your blog, too? That’d be awesome.

  9. Frank says:

    He’s probably thinking, “There’s one thing they haven’t done to me: they’ve never changed my name.” Stay with Max.

  10. Doris says:

    Is Max as cute as Gertie? Bet they will be cute together.

  11. Jenny says:


    Oh my…he is way cute! And very cool that Gertie now has a cousin. 🙂

    Kelly and I changed Gert’s name when we got her for a few reasons. First of all, we weren’t really digging on “Savannah”–dumb dog name, but obviously the crack-heads who had her before thought differently. Secondly, we wanted her to have a fresh start in her new home. We knew she had been abused and considered that she had likely heard her previous name used in a number of demeaning contexts. Finally, I asked some animal rights activists friends what they thought and was advised that changing a dog’s name is deemed neither abusive nor unreasonable. It’s actually perfectly acceptable. So, we changed her name, she learned it quickly and she wags her little tail every time she hears us say it.

    All that said, Gatton is a fantastic choice and you definitely should use it if that’s what you want to be calling your lovely new pooch. 🙂

    Sincere congrats on the newest member of the Miller and Johnson families!

    Aunt Jenny

  12. Dave Roland says:

    While I agree with the folks who don’t think you should change his name, I do think you might give him a nickname to go along with “Max”. When Jenifer and I got Molli, we at some point started referring to her as “Molli Wobbles,” which is frequently just shortened to “Wobbles.” She now answers to all the above.

  13. Shayna Willis says:

    Of course, I’m not really feeling persecuted. I’m too cool for that. 😉

  14. Shayna Willis says:

    Oh and Max is totally cute. I just got a chance to blow the pictures up and look at him.

  15. Kathi says:

    And…I agree with Dave. Somewhere along the way, I started calling Max “Bubba” – I think as a form of “puppy” since in our family (pre-Steve) we call all dogs “puppy” no matter how old they are. Now he knows that “Bubba” is him.

    I also call him “Sugar” but that’s cuz I’m just a Southern girl at heart…

  16. rollerpimp says:

    Change it! Change it! Change it! I hate that name. You have read to many books and seen to many great movies to stick with the old stand by for dog names. Congrats on the new addition.

    Sample ideas to follow…

    Dark Tower – Roland, Oy (I just think it would be funny to name him Oy. I can just see him doing something and you yelling OY!)
    The Stars My Destination – Foyle
    To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper

    Raging Bull – LaMota
    John Wayne dog name – DAWG



  17. odgie says:

    Pimp – Thanks for the good suggestions. I especially like Foyle (or Gully for that matter). As much as I like Chris, I don’t think Walken is appropriate because he is way too mild to be scary.

    On the sports front, we were thinking of Big Poppy after the guy on the Sox (what do you expect when you marry a Boston girl?)

  18. Kathi says:

    That’s “Big Papi,” I believe…


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