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Ministers, Missionaries, & other Church Leaders: Check This Out

Those of you have visited my links page may have noticed a link to Kelli Bigham‘s blog. She and I met when she began attending the congregation where my wife and I still attend. She also dated, and eventually married, one of my best friends. Through Kelli I had the opportunity to meet her brother, JR, who was a recent college graduate at the time.

I have never had opportunity to spend much time with JR, but we have had some interesting discussions in classes, on blogs, and via correspondence. He has always been a serious student of the Word and has demonstrated an understanding and passion for it.  JR and his wife moved to Florida several years ago and now have two kids. Since their move JR has had the opportunity to preach on many occasions and has found that it suits him; so much so that he is considering going back to school for his M.Div. and becoming a full-time preacher.

Wisely, JR has elected to take his time in making this very important decision and is seeking counsel from those with more experience. In addition, he has decided to keep a blog about this transition to whatever and wherever the Lord leads him and his family. To that end, I want to refer readers to JR’s blog Keep Thou My Feet as he shares his experiences and thoughts on this journey. I know that he would welcome feedback from any and all comers, especially ministers (both full-time and bi-vocational), missionaries, elders, deacons, and anybody else who has experience in church service and leadership.

I am looking forward to reading more about his journey. He writes well, thinks hard, and studies diligently. I believe those of you with experience will appreciate what he has to say and what he is wrestling with; I also believe that your sharing of wisdom gleaned from your experiences will be a blessing to him. By all means, check him out.


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2 Responses

  1. Jr says:

    Thanks Odgie; I appreciate the words. Keep in touch, bro.

  2. preacherman says:

    Thanks for this great post brother.
    I am looking forward more of JR’s blog.

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