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No Matter How You Intend to Vote

If you are a Christian and you are disturbed by the ongoing efforts of certain para-church organizations in our country to co-opt our faith for political purposes, click here.

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5 Responses

  1. David B says:

    Yeah, I’m sick of Dobson & co. equating American Neo-Conservatism with true Christianity, too. Obama ain’t perfect but he gets to the heart of scripture, even if his application isn’t always perfect.

    One thing to note on that site…it seems to be an Obama-support website as if you look at the bottom.

  2. odgie says:

    Sony – Welcome to AAT. Feel free to visit anytime.

    Dave – D’oh! I didn’t realize that it was pro-Obama. I still stand behind endorsing it though, if for no other reason than like you, I am sick of Dobson.

  3. Micah says:

    I agree although I am not signing it.

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