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A plug

I recently stumbled onto Lark News, a satirical Christian website that specializes in stories that most of us think but would never say. If you can laugh about Christian culture, check it out.


Passe pop bands resurrected as Christian acts

Pastor’s wife insists she is called to interpretive dance

Youth groups recruit ‘superstar’ kids



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3 Responses

  1. preacherman says:

    I want to thank you Odgie for sharing these with us.
    I really enjoy the Pastor’s wife insists she is called to interpretive dance.
    I think I should pray to God about this for my wife!!!! 🙂
    I always love reading your blog.
    You have been a blessing and strength to my faith.
    You have made me laugh when I have been depressed.
    I thank you brother.
    As I spend quiet time with God I remember you often.
    I pray he will strengthen you as you have me.
    Your friend,
    Kinney Mabry

  2. Becky Reeves says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’m still chuckling at some of the stories, especially the one about the small group that went deeper into their relationships with each other by splitting up and admitting that they just didn’t like anyone else. Satire tickles a funny bone I sometimes forget I have. Thank you!

  3. odgie says:

    Preach – Thank you for your kind words.

    Becky – glad I lead you to a good laugh. Laughter is healthy and I figure that missionaries need it as much, if not moreso, than the rest of us.

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