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My feelings about the election, exactly.

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What’s in your name?

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME (first pet, current car):
Beagle Ford

YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe):
Rocky Road New Balance (or Rocky Balance, for short)

YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color, favorite animal):
Blue Labrador

YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, city where you were born):
Michael Littlerock

YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first three letters of your last name, first two of your first name):
Mil Jo

SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink):
Green Coke

NASCAR NAME (the first names of your grandfathers):
John Ernest

STRIPPER NAME ( the name of a perfume/cologne/scent that you wear, favorite candy):
Brut Snickers

TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your fifth grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter):
Stophan Seattle

CARTOON NAME (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now):
Grape Boxer

HIPPIE NAME (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree):
Oatmeal Redwood

How about you?

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Congratulations everywhere

Congratulations to some friends of mine who have recently cleared some serious hurdles:

Ladies first: the lovely and talented Andrea Morris who successfully defended her dissertation at George Mason University and will receive her PhD in Public Policy in a couple of weeks.

Andy Pierce, who passed the Virginia Bar Exam.

Dave Roland, who passed the Missouri Bar Exam.

And finally, The Biscuit Rollers, who just released their first cd, South Bound Freight Train (featuring a cover designed by none other than the Rollerpimp himself). Just because their lead singer is also my brother doesn’t mean that there is a bias when I tell you these cats play some tight traditional blues.

May all of you revel in your accomplishments!

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Religion and such

Church sign links Obama with Osama bin Laden

JONESVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina pastor says he wasn’t trying to be politicalwhen he posted a sign in front of his church linking Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Pastor Roger Byrd said he just wanted to make people think when he put up a sign reading “Obama, Osama — humm, are they brothers” in front of the Jonesville Church of God on Thursday.

Obama, a Christian, attends Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Fifteen percent of respondents to a recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll said they thought the Illinois senator was a Muslim.

WYFF-TV reported Monday on its Web site that Byrd said he won’t take the sign down. He said his congregation voted unanimously Sunday to keep it up.

The church is part of the Church of God, a Pentecostal denomination based in Cleveland, Tenn., according to the organization’s Web site.

Jonesville is a town of about 1,000 people in northwestern South Carolina. [Source]

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Rambling between apathy and antipathy

I am within spitting distance of this semester’s end. No more Dr. Sunshine. No more getting up at 2:30 in the afternoon to make my 4 o’clock class after working until 8:30 that same morning (and then going back into work for another 10 hour shift). No more going 36 hours without seeing Christine.  Two more papers stand between me and the home stretch for this degree. And for the life of me I cannot push myself to finish them.

I don’t really know why this inertia has settled on me, although I have some guesses. Part of it may be knowing that I have to take a summer elective that will start about two weeks after the spring semester ends.

Part of it may be knowing that next year I will have to do my final internship. This will entail 21 hours a week (location to be determined; when I know, you will know).  “But wait,” the observant reader interjects, “don’t you have to work?” Why yes, I do. How will I accomplish this? By working every Friday and Saturday night as well as two nights during the regular week. With the exception of the occasional holiday, I will either be at my paying gig or my internship. I am looking down the wrong end of a school year without a day off.

Part of it may be that due to our current non/maybe recession, I may graduate next year into…the same job I have right now. It’s a sweet gig for a student, but I have already had enough and I want out; no more night shift and preferably, no more shift work at all.

Part of it may be that my brother-in-law Steve sent me the artist line-up for this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival and it looks fantastic. Of course, it’s in September; right after I start my internship.

I shouldn’t whine, I know. Many people who would love to attend graduate school never get the chance to do so. My wife has never, ever complained about the sacrifices she has had to make, first dating and then being married to a student. Although I am not crazy about my job, I was lucky to get it when I did for a number of reasons.

But I wish sometimes that I had all of this behind me. I wish that I had not sunk 10 years into the wrong line of work (for me) when I was younger.  I fear that I am teetering on the edge of burnout.  Any suggestions for coping would be welcome at this point.

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Stuff of interest from around the web

Our fellowship is finally, finally waking up to that whole single demographic (of course, they get around to it after I am married…didn’t these people realize that I had needs?!?!).  A brand new blog is trying to open the dialogue, and Danny Dodd is discussing the unnerving experience of being a divorced preacher in the churches of Christ here. Both merit a look. This conversation is long overdue.


On a lighter note, my fellow geeks (and you know who you are) will like the aptly named Den of Geek website. Filled to the brim with the type of esoteric goodness that a true geek cannot get enough of.

Since it is virtually impossible for any pop culture phenomenon to catch on without “inspiring” a Christianized version, we now have Stuff Christians Like. Don’t dismiss it out of hand though; the writer manages to nail virtually every cliche of the American Christian experience. And its pretty funny in its own right.


Abilene Christian University is changing its policy on student alcohol use.  Expect a brotherhood-wide knee-jerk reaction, with many of our more reactionary preachers, churches, and journals accusing ACU of traipsing merrily down the primrose path…oh wait, they already say that.  Really though, if I lived in west Texas, i’d be hitting the bottle a lot too.

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I don’t like repeating myself…

…but nobody has answered a question I asked in a post earlier this week and I wonder if it got lost in the shuffle. Just in case, I will ask again:

Can somebody please explain to me what the emerging/emergent church is/are? I have tried to read up on it and for the life of me, I don’t get what these cats are about.  I get some of what Brian McLaren is saying, but I have not picked up his latest book on principle, mainly because every time somebody talks about “change” I get a little skeptical; not because I am against change but because I don’t necessarily believe it to be the cure-all that it is advertised to be.  The appeal of Rob Bell’s writing escapes me completely.

I tried to read up on the movement on the web, but the quote below pretty much illustrates the point at which I start getting confused.

New Lights (those who embody a new way of thinking within a spiritual awakening) offer up themselves as the cosmions of a mind-of-Christ consciousness (a well ordered thing that has the character of Christ). As a cosmion incarnating the cells of a new body (our contemporary time period), New Lights will function as transitional vessels through which transforming energy can renew the divine image in the world, moving postmoderns from one state of embodiment to another. — Leonard Sweet

In a word, what?!  I am asking this in all sincerity; I can’t really form an opinion on any of this until I understand it.  So I am putting it to you brothers and sisters who are more knowledgeable of such things, help me get a grip on this.

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It’s getting rough out there

The employment prognosis for 2009 is a little bleak

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Bride of Quick Hits

I am really, really tired of school. I have never looked forward to the end of a semester more in my life.


By now i’m sure that everyone has heard that Charlton Heston passed away Sunday night. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, per se, but I could appreciate his larger-than-life bearing, natural gravitas, and how good he could be when he put his best effort forward. If you are snickering at this point, can I suggest Heston’s favorite of his films, Will Penny?  It’s a great little western about an aging cowboy/gun hand facing a choice about whether to continue with his rootless ways or settle down and try to build a life.  Mark Evanier has a good take on Heston here, and Gareth Higgins of the God’s Politics website offers a Christian perspective on Heston’s life, career, and often controversial politics here.


Sad news for fans of alternative country: No Depression magazine will cease publication with its May-June issue, #75.  Since 1995, this magazine was a resource for great writing about real country music and for finding out about promising new bands and new releases from old favorites.  However, they will continue with their website and the two founders both have blogs here and here. In related news, Kenny Rogers is still touring.


Finally, something America and France can agree on: Mass protests in Paris thwarted the passing of the Olympic Torch through the city. The protests were in response to China’s human rights record. One has to wonder: Does the current regime really believe that they have the world fooled? Do they ever hear about these protests and think, “Hey, maybe the jig is up?”


Would someone please explain to me what emergent and emerging churches are, and the difference? Because I still don’t get it.


My old friend Dave (no liberal, by the way) believes that the Republican Party is destroying the country, and makes a pretty compelling case for it here.


Mystery quote: “As I write these words, I am holding a rapier in one hand and a pistol in the other.”

Update: The author of the above quote was Sir Boyle Roche (1736-1807).

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A plug

I recently stumbled onto Lark News, a satirical Christian website that specializes in stories that most of us think but would never say. If you can laugh about Christian culture, check it out.


Passe pop bands resurrected as Christian acts

Pastor’s wife insists she is called to interpretive dance

Youth groups recruit ‘superstar’ kids


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Where in the World…