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Edumacational Interlude for March

Last night at school we had an outstanding presentation for all of the policy classes on issues in social work with veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The speakers were two ladies who work for non-profit agencies which assist service personnel and their families. The third and best speaker was a career soldier with combat experience and a PhD in social work.  He talked about issues in treating veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stabilizing families while a member is on deployment, and the difficulties of reintegrating veterans into non-active posts or the civilian life. He spoke movingly of some of his own experiences on deployment. He also described some of the horrors he has seen during his time in other countries.  Finally, he addressed a challenge that continues to be a serious issue for soldiers trying to reintegrate into the civilian life: stereotypes and false perceptions.  He said that the popular stereotype of soldiers as “bloodthirsty Rambo wannabees” is one of the greatest barriers to peace time adjustment.  Frankly folks, we owe everyone who has served this country in uniform better than that.

Dr. Sunshine showed her rear again last night. She returned graded assignments that we had e-mailed in but didn’t have anything to return to one of the members of my research team. Sunshine claimed that my classmate had not turned it in. My classmate went to the computer lab and printed out the message from her “sent” file showing that she had sent the completed assignment on the due date. Sunshine then started asking her questions indicating that she (Sunshine) thought that my classmate had somehow forged the printed message in the 5 minutes that she was gone from class. Nice, huh? There are few things more odious than somebody who cannot face it when they are wrong. 


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  1. Kathi says:

    Thanks for your comments on those returning. My pastor friend with whom I worked and who is serving in Iraq right now as a chaplain (on his second tour) was jumpy as heck after he returned the first time. Lots of adjustments all around when he returned.

    He emails letters to the congregation on an almost-weekly basis. If you would like I can forward one or two of those to you. He usually includes pictures – crazy, huh? But also puts a much different face on things…

  2. […] class starting up again, and my internship starting on September 2. At least I am done with Dr. Sunshine. Watch this space as everything in my life kicks into high […]

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