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Quick Hits: The Motion Picture

I have been tempted to pray that God will kill Fred Phelps and that gaggle of inbreds he calls a church. Is that wrong?


For Northern Virginians: Click here if you want to know the best place in the area to get fajitas.


Whiny interlude: Most of the time working nights is the perfect job for a student. My schedule rotates on a weekly basis, meaning that any night that I work on any given week I will have off the following week. This is a good thing because Mondays are murderous for me. I get off of work at 8am and head home (30-45 minutes, depending on traffic) and try to grab some shut-eye. Then I have to get up at 2 pm, clean up, grab something to eat, and head to Alexandria for back-to-back classes from 4pm – 9:30 pm. Then it’s back to work at 10:30 pm. By Tuesday morning, I am operating at about 25% mental capacity. I am sure that those of you who know how unimpressive I am at 100% capacity are frightened, and with good reason.

Corny interlude: On those weeks that I work Sunday and Monday nights back-to-back, I go 48 hours without seeing my wife…which really, really sucks. By the time I get home on Monday mornings, she is at work. By the time she gets home Monday nights, I am in class. Then it’s back to work. Then I go home on Tuesday morning and she is at work. Then I leave at 5 pm for a 7 pm class. 5pm is about the time she gets home from work. Finally, I get home about 10pm on Tuesdays, about 48 hours after I left for work on Sunday night. Thank you Lord, for sending me a very patient woman.


Quotes I have heard (or read) recently that I like:

“A positive attitude does not solve every problem, but it annoys enough people to make it worth the effort.”

     – author unknown

“These, of course, are central themes of religion, particularly Christian religion. And the question naturally arises: How can a book series about tolerance also be a book series about religion? This represents a misunderstanding of both tolerance and faith. For many, tolerance does not result from the absence of moral convictions but from a positive religious teaching about human dignity. Many believe — not in spite of their faith but because of it — that [others] should be treated with kindness and fairness. Above all, believers are called to love, even at the highest cost.”             

– Michael Gerson, Op-Ed columnist for the Washington Post

“One of the strangest trends of recent years has surely been the extended adolescence of the Western male. A recent survey showed that the average age for video game players is now somewhere in the mid-30s; and the fact that trivia such as the result of a baseball match can generate passion and high blood-pressure more than the AIDS crisis in Africa, the problem of global warming, and world poverty, says something about the juvenile priorities of the most well fed, best educated, and financially comfortable generation in history.”    

– Carl Trueman on the pressure on ministers to be “hip”(if you are “follicly challenged” you will love this piece).

Mystery Quote:

“Why for you bury me in the cold, cold ground?” 

A no-prize for the first person to identify who said that.


This one is for my brother: We have been waiting for this day since we were kids. Well, waiting time is over.


For more information on this holiday that we can all get behind, click here.


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8 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    How can you get THAT as a bumper sticker? I won’t answer the mystery quote and ruin it for others. Oot Greet!

  2. Trey Morgan says:

    I love “Quick Hits” … Thanks for making me smile all the way though them…

  3. Katherine says:

    “A positive attitude does not solve every problem, but it annoys enough people to make it worth the effort.”
    I think I have found my new mantra. 🙂

  4. rollerpimp says:

    Is the bury quote from a droopy cartoon?

    I know it is from a cartoon.

  5. Odgie says:

    RP: It is from a cartoon, but not Droopy. In terms of a character, think more along the lines of a recurring antagonist.

    Katherine: One of my clients put up a sign with that quote on it.

    Trey: Anytime, thanks for commenting

    Kelly: Oot Greet!

  6. rollerpimp says:

    Oh was it Yosemite Sam? That sounds familiar but I can’t remember. ARGH!

  7. Kelly says:

    Just to save Rollerpimp the frustration, it’s the Tazmanian Devil, asked of Bugs Bunny, after he has, indeed, been buried in the cold, cold ground. Sorry for the rest of you, but couldn’t leave the Rollerpimp hanging! And again, oot greet to you all!

  8. rollerpimp says:

    Doh! I knew Bugs was involved but hit the wrong one. Dang it!

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