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Christine and I had a great (albeit short) trip up north. We did get to see a lot of her family last Thursday when her parents hosted a party for her grandmother’s 85th (!) birthday. I would like for us to do half as well as her grandparents when we hit that age. They have been married 63 years…I hope it works out. Kristin and Rory’s wedding was beautiful, with a great homily by their pastor. Christine did a great job on her toast at the reception…I was very proud of her. I also got to meet many of Christine’s close friends from college who couldn’t make our wedding, along with their spouses and kids.

Got to eat at the legendary Clam Box of Ipswich. Christine and I split a captain’s plate and couldn’t finish it. Some of the best seafood I have ever eaten.

This was my first fall trip to New England, and I have to say: Autumn in New England is God’s way of showing off. It is already stunning. 

Congrats to my parents on their 45th wedding anniversary! When they married at 22, Dad couldn’t afford to buy Mom an engagement ring, their wedding cost less than $100, and their honeymoon was driving to Florida and moving Mom’s meager belongings into Dad’s student housing apartment. I think they’ve done pretty well to come from such humble beginnings.

Last night I got to check out some of the new shows we DVR’ed. Bionic Woman was pretty cool, Journeyman shows promise but needs work, and Reaper was hilarious. I can’t watch Heroes until Chris is caught up on last season so we can watch it together. What are you watching, gentle readers?


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  1. erinlcox says:

    I’m not so much into the sci-fi shows, although Tim has each of the shows you mentioned waiting for him on Tivo (because he has strep throat — bummer), but we both have really liked the new comedy The Big Bang Theory. I challenge you to watch it and not think of Brent. And being the reality show gluttons we are, we’re hooked back into the latest Survivor. Other than that, we still love House but have given up on Prison Break, which is suffering from the third verse same as the first syndrome.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip; we really want to get to New England in the fall sometime. Tim’s never been and that’s just a shame.

  2. Jill Young says:

    Hi Mike!

    I recommend giving Chuck a try. It’s a comedy/mystery/drama all in one!

    I’ll have to watch The Big Bang Theory–Sammie liked it.

    And we’re still watching Prison Break, started Bionic Woman, and Heroes. Plus…believe it or not…we picked up the Survivor fever again!

  3. The best seafood I have ever tasted was at the Gloucester House in Gloucester. I’ll bet it all came off of the same boats.

    One thing that surprised me was how good the scallops were. Down here in Texas, if you get scallops their a little chewy. The ones up there in Massachusetts are tender.

    I’m glad you had a good trip.

    Kiss your folks for the rest of us.

  4. We love New England! One summer, Don, the boys and I went to New London Connecticut and took a ferry out to Block Island! We went to Mystic, Connecticut and had some really good seafood. Actually, the best seafood we got was at Providence, RI at a Mom and Pop resteraunt! That was surprising. We saw penguins at the aquarium in Mystic, and we loved Block Island. It is 25 miles out into the ocean. I want to go to New England in autumn. Maybe for my birthday next year.

    The only show I watch regularly is Dancing with the Stars and Don graciously watches it with me….as long as he can channel surf during commercials. Tonight we watched Terminator along with Dancing with the Stars. Interesting combination. I kept waiting for Marie Osmond to turn into a robot woman and kill everyone. Well, she has been acting a little crazy…. 🙂
    I was interested in CarPool until I saw it! Ugh! Caveman Ugh! Ugh!

  5. Jr says:

    Heroes, Criminal Minds, Journeyman, Cane, House, we’ll give Pushing Daisies a try tonight… and thanks to Tivo – endless re-runs of Home Improvement are recorded. Come the Spring… Lost and Jericho.

    As to New England, I had my time there during college in New Hampshire. Loved the weather – especially the winter. Could have done without the numb minded RedSox fans. A pure example of chaotic ignorance all around. But God’s creation cannot be better seen, I will agree with that. Loved it.

  6. odgie says:

    Erin – Scifi fan or no, I think that you would dig “Reaper” just because it is really, really funny. We also have “Chuck” recorded, we just haven’t watched it yet. For some reason, neither Chris nor I have ever gotten into reality shows. I don’t know why.

    Jill – I will check out “Big Bang Theory” and “Chuck”

    BWH – You are right about the scallops. They were the freshest I have ever had. And I will kiss my folks and tell them it came from the Big White Hat 🙂

    Jerri – One could have a far worse vacation than New England in the fall. Thanks for warning me off of “Carpool.” I never even bothered with “Cavemen.”

    JR – I have never caught “Criminal Minds” but I know a lot of people who like it. Let me know how “Cane” and “Pushing Daisies” are. And easy on the Sox fans…you are talking about my wife and all of my in-laws, fella 🙂 As for myself, not a baseball fan at all, really.

  7. godsgalchild says:

    Ahhhh….seafood, my favorite!!! Out here on the West Coast it’s hard to find, a couple nice spots on the coast, but that’s about it. I really appreciated your input on FC today….perfect! Sounds like my hubby and I need to make an East Coast trip,

    Blessings on your day,
    Gods Gal

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