And Another Thing…


Another one for my church of christ friends (especially ministers), or: the stupidest thing i’ve heard this week #2

I share your frustration. I know how much we all want to see the church shake free of the bonds of traditionalism and westernized, “consumer Christianity” as Craig Hicks rightly identifies it.  We want to see the church become a counter-culture force that preaches the good news to the poor, brings relief to the suffering, and hope to the defeated. I know that bringing this about often seems like nailing jello to a tree. However, the next time you think that you have had it…when you just don’t believe that it is worth another disagreement, when all of the concerns seem so trivial and you could chuck it and never darken the door of a church building again…remember this article.

This is the battle that their church has chosen to fight. This is what they care about.  This is where they are taking their stand for the faith. Suddenly, any complaints I have with my church leadership seem very, very trivial compared to church leaders who pull things like this.

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  1. Well, this is an obvious case of church imitating society! In the interest of equality, ridiculous attacks have been made against men in our society. I suspect that in our female dominated culture, in the not so near future there will be a cry for male equality. Since when is walking one’s daughter down the isle and handing her off to her future husband anything other than an expression of love from her family of origin and support for the beginning of her new family? This type of interpretation of women’s rights is a hysterical overreaction that actually diminishes the cause and results in endless interpretation of minutia rather than honest evaluation of real cultural issues.
    That type of silliness can result in huge chunks of time being wasted putting out brush fires in churches rather than being used fulfilling the purpose that Jesus Christ gave the churches upon His ascension–to go out into all the world, seeking and saving the lost.

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