And Another Thing…


The student thing

I’ve really got that back-in-school feeling. Despite ostensibly being a part-time student I am taking 9 hours which is technically full-time for graduate students (at least according to the tuition bill).  This semester I am taking Mental, Emotional, & Behavioral Disorders; Research for Social Work Practice; and Child Welfare. I expect to learn a lot in all of them, but the reading list is hernia-inducing and the workload is staggering.  Consequently (as both of my readers may have noticed) my blog output has slowed down.  I will maintain the commitment that I made to myself to post weekly, but that may be all that I do for a while.

I do enjoy blogging; it has allowed me to get to know people I would not otherwise have met and is cheaper than therapy. For these reasons, I intend to stay at it. I wonder about those who manage to put something out there everyday: how do you do it? Especially those with full-time jobs and families. My hat is off to all of you.  Be cool.


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  1. johndobbs says:

    Mike, I think it would be great to share some things you are learning along the way … just a tidbit here and there… those courses sound very inviting!

  2. Matt Smith says:

    All I know is your output is far greater than mine. Don’t feel guilty or obligated to post. Do it when it feels right and you have something to say. Of course, they say that the more you post, the easier it becomes.

  3. odgie says:

    John: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. As my wife will tell you, be careful when you ask me about what I am studying…I can carry on quite a bit. However, I will be happy to share things of broad interest thatI pick up in the Disorders class and the Child Welfare class. I will tell you this: I wish that I had known when I was a youth minister what I know now about human behavior, families, social influences, and counseling. I won’t bother with Research class since I hate to put my readers to sleep. 🙂

    Matt: Always a pleasure. My best to Glenna, the kids, and your folks. When we get down there to visit Christine’s brother we will absolutely look you up.

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