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My next favorite quote

Tonight at school I had another encounter with the “elephant vision lady” (before we go any further, let me state that I am actually very fond of her). We got to talking during the break between classes and the subject of children came up. I told her that Christine and I plan to start trying after I finish my degree in May 2009.  Below is a transcript of our conversation immediately following that statement:

 Elephant Vision Lady:Oh, that’s great. Right now your children are up in heaven just waiting to be born.

Me:What? Really?

Elephant Vision Lady:Oh yes. My son told me that before he and my daughter were born, he told her to go ahead and be born because he wanted to give her two extra years of life. What could be more generous?

Me: [stupid, mute expression]

Elephant Vision Lady:The souls of children are linked to their parents before they are even born.

Me: [stupid, mute expression]

The funny part is, we have a class on mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders together. In that class, her comments are usually cogent and insightful. Regardless, I think that I am going to start following her around with a tape recorder so that I can get more of these gems from her. Did I mention that I love being back in school?


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2 Responses

  1. inWorship says:

    Can you imagine the diaper bill in that heaven 🙂

    Please keep them coming!

  2. erinlcox says:

    Is she mormon?

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