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The stupidest thing i’ve heard all week

For those of you who were aghast at the elephant story, this one trumps that by a country mile. In a news story about parental concern over airlines showing R-rated movies, Eric Kleiman of Continential Airlines defended the airlines by saying, “Parents have to be responsible for the actions of their kids — whether they shouldn’t look at the screen or look away.”

For the sake of clarification: he thinks that parents should be responsible for distracting their kids and forcing them to not look at the screen directly in front of them for 2 or more hours.  Those of you who have children can no doubt attest to whether or not this will work, so fire away. Am I missing something or is this guy a clown who doesn’t know what he is talking about?


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  1. Kelly says:

    I could see if they had screens on the back of the seats, and parents could control if they come on or not. But on a big screen, what can you do but sedate your child? This guy is a jerk. I know I couldn’t keep Brooks from looking at something that big without just sitting on him.

  2. inWorship says:

    Just saying hello. I enjoy your thoughts. I came by way of The Atheocracy. Hope you don’t mind me hanging out a bit.


  3. odgie says:


    By all means, welcome.

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