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Small People Fight Small Battles

          This story caught my attention as an example of believers getting it all wrong all over again.  I am no fan of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS), who remind me of resident assistants or hall monitors who take self-aggrandizing joy in catching others in infractions great and small and tattling on them. However, I do believe that the separation of church and state is very much a blessing to believers as it protects the church just as much as it protects the state. It is the separation of church and state that prevents the government from regulating what is taught in churches and from taxing churches. 

          Drake broke the law, period. That law may or may not be reasonable, but it does not provoke suffering and believers are not required to betray their faith and conscience in order to comply with it. Believers are expected to obey the law of the land unless doing so means disobeying God (Exodus 1:15-22, Daniel 3, Daniel 6, Matthew 12:1-13, Acts 4:19).  Drake’s response of calling for imprecatory prayer seems excessive; the equivalent of dropping a bomb on a bank that is being robbed.  People frequently cite examples of David making imprecatory prayers in the Psalms, but the people concerned in those prayers were oppressive, sadistic, and bloodthirsty; their crimes against the innocent were legendary.  Regardless of how annoying one may find AUSCS, they hardly qualify as a threat to believers or to the spreading of the gospel.  What does endorsement of political candidates have to do with acts of charity and mercy, or the spreading of the gospel? 

          As in every other facet of our lives, we need to select our battles, and when one thinks about how we are surrounded by the poor, the damaged, our oppressed brothers and sisters around the world, and the thousands who die every day without hearing the gospel, the use of church stationary hardly seems to be “the good fight of faith.”  I can think of 19 Korean Christians in Afghanistan who probably wouldn’t think so. What do you think, gentle readers?


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