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·        Christine’s birthday was Wednesday. With our work schedules being what they are, we are postponing the real celebration (mini golf and steaks with some friends) until the weekend. However, I did get her a card and a gift bag of jelly beans (her favorite candy). Coming up with a gift idea was tricky. Having just gotten married we have had gifts showered on us starting in March and only recently slowing down (despite the wedding being in May). For the first time in my life I actually feel “gifted out.” Of course I appreciate every gift we have received, and all of them will be put to good use. I just never expected to get so many at once. As far as gifts go, Christine is neither greedy nor demanding, and when she says “Oh, I don’t really need anything” I think that she actually means it. Like me, she enjoys movies, books, and music, and over the time that I have known her I have given her all of these. However, I wanted to get her something a little different than the norm. After wracking my brain I finally settled on tickets to see Chris Isaak at Wolf Trap in August. I have heard that he puts on a great show and I have always enjoyed his music, so we will see. I will probably post a review of it.  However, it makes me want to put the question to you, gentle reader: What sort of gifts have you given to or received from your spouse/significant other that stick out? Consider your comments advice to a newlywed…

·        Haven’t been to the movies much this summer, which is unusual for me. I don’t know if it is less time or less interest, or something else that is keeping me away from the multiplex these days. Part of it may be that having a wife, mortgage, and school to pay for makes me a little more judicious with my income. A matinee show in the D.C. area now averages $7 and I don’t want to shell out that kind of money for movies based on a 20 year old toy line or the latest entry in the despicable and growing “kidnap and torture” genre.  Not to mention the subhuman manners of a lot of film audiences these days.  On the other hand, there are some movies that have piqued my interest, such as Sicko, Talk to Me (Don Cheadle is one of my favorite actors working today), and The Simpsons Movie.  If I get around to seeing any of them, you’ll be the first to know.  On an amusing note, I found out that my mother took my nephew to see Transformers while he was staying with my parents in Mississippi. The reason this amuses me is that this is probably the first science fiction movie my mother has seen since taking me and my friends to see Return of the Jedi in 1983. When I asked her what she thought of it, she said that she didn’t have an opinion of it because she had no idea what was going on at any point in the film. Have any of you seen any movies this summer that you considered worth the price of admission?

·        I realize that I am way behind the curve on this one, but I have only recently discovered the joy that is iTunes.  Being able to get just about any song you want, when you want it? Boss, man.  However, I have actually managed to stump the catalog a couple of times. I am not sure what that says about my tastes in music.

·        I am a little annoyed with [my school] right now. Back in the spring, I went to great lengths to get a certain class with a certain professor, whom they just announced will not be teaching any courses for the upcoming school year. Instead, the section that I registered for will be taught by the professor that I was told to avoid at all costs.  And so it goes…


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  1. Erin Cox says:

    I can speak about gifts and the art of gift-gving for a while because that is my “love language.” It sounds materialistic and selfish, but someone trying to think of something that will make me happy (big or small) and putting some thought into it means more to me than the actual gift. My brothers-in-law, as well as Tim, are great at finding things I love — cooking stuff and 1940s pottery. And while I love to get things, I love to give things as well. I’ve signed a good friend up for a chip-of-the-month club after realizing that he had a different flavor to offer every time we went to his house. And I think I got more satisfaction out of turning the garage into Redskins mecca than Tim as, and everyone know how much he’s bragged about that.

    Anyway, Chris Isaak is great live! Tim and I saw him at Merriweather (along with Natalie Merchant) and he put on a great show. But my favorite part was when the three drop-dead drunk, middle-aged hookers in front of us kept telling Tim to get up and dance. Not until the lights came up did they realize that would be an impossiblity. I still laugh about that one (and so does he).

    Concerts/plays, etc., are great gifts because they don’t clutter up the home, and, hopefully, you’ll remember them for a long time to come. I wish we had more entertainment options around here; that’s truly the biggest thing I miss about living in D.C.

    But other than that, the gifts that have meant the most to me are the unexpected and thoughtful ones. Tim is so good are listening to me throughout the year — noticing the catalogs I look at (and subsequently dog ear), the things in passing that I like. It’s great when on Christmas morning, I open all the gifts that I pretty much knew were coming and then find something that I had no idea Tim even knew I wanted.

    Sorry about the class; would you like Tim to send out the goons for you?

  2. odgie says:

    Hey Erin,

    Thanks for the input. Christine has a gift for picking up on things that prompt my interest without me even noticing it. Then, when I open the box, I always get a nice surprise. And you are right about the delight that comes when you actually manage to surprise somebody with a gift.

    I remember Tim telling me that story about the drunken ladies. I had forgotten that it was at a Chris Isaak show.

    Regarding the class, since Christine knows a lot of the same goons as Tim, she now serves as my “goon resource” but thanks for the offer. Give Corban a hug for me.

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