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Dressing and discretion

They are not something most of us pay any attention to. However, today in the store, while I was looking down at a book in my hands, I couldn’t help but notice a woman walking by wearing flip-flops on the most diseased-looking pair of feet I have ever seen. Her heels were so crusted in dead skin that she looked like she had been walking in shredded coconut. Her toenails were yellowed and jagged-looking; I bet she could have used those things to climb the sheer face of a cliff. What is more, she had maybe a dozen scabs climbing up her ankles. Mercifully, she was wearing pants so I didn’t see how high up the scabs went. I don’t know this lady and I am reluctant to pass judgment on her. Yet, I cannot help but wonder if it is too much to ask that people practice some discretion in what they wear. I wonder if this lady was getting dressed this morning and said, “Hey, I bet everyone I run into wants to see my crusted-up feet!”

Another group I wonder about is people who wear flip-flops to work and to church. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in dressing comfortably for work and worship. 90% of the jobs out there don’t really call for a dress or coat and tie. I also don’t buy into the “wear your best for God” mentality. Worship assemblies are not fashion shows and God is not “located” in a church building. But is it really such a burden to wear real shoes to church or work? You could even wear a decent pair of sandals, but $3 flip-flops? Are shoes so stifling that they interfere with one’s work or ability to worship? Right now I know that somebody is out there saying, “Hey, I bet Jesus wore sandals to temple!” But Jesus and his contemporaries didn’t really have a choice, did they?

Finally, even though I touched on this in my old blog, I have to say once again that I am sick of seeing fat people in skimpy clothing. Yes, I am speaking to my own kind here. There is a good reason that I wear comfort-fit clothes. I am perfectly aware that nobody wants to see my rolls, nooks, and crannies which is why I wear clothes that cover them! Why can’t other heavy people follow suit? Ignore the fashion trends; nobody wants to see the outline of your gut or the wobbly parts of your backside. Don’t believe the hype; there is nothing sexy about rolls of pasty flesh popping out of your high-cut shirt or low-cut pants or short shorts. (An aside to my fellow hairy men: enough with the tank tops! Nobody wants to see your hair vest! If you walk into a zoo like that, somebody is liable to throw a net over you.)

I leave it with you, gentle readers. Am I being ridiculous? Stodgy? Old-fashioned? What are some of the more appalling fashion mis-statements that you have seen? Comments are always welcomed.


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  1. johndobbs says:

    Ha! Good one. I live on the Coast … there are many many people here wearing swimsuits that should not expose that much of themselves. We were recently in Dollywood’s Splash Country – a water park – which I think should be subtitled “the most unwanted display of human flesh on earth”. Horrific large lady in a string bikini … I don’t think I will ever be able to forget that image…like a sweaty nightmare.

    My 17 year old wears flip flops to church. But I figure he doesn’t drink, do drugs, or break any laws (that I know of) … so I can silently tolerate this for now! He even leads worship in jeans and flip flops!

  2. Jeff says:

    “Spandex is a privilege, not a right” – wise movie quote

  3. odgie says:

    A well-chosen quote, Jeff.

    John, your point is well taken. I certainly don’t think that it is “wrong” for people to wear flip-flops to church. And whether he wears flip-flops or dress shoes with spats, your son sounds like a good kid. Considering that your son is an active believer and is not up to some of the things that too many 17 year olds are engaged in, footwear is a small matter indeed.

  4. Katherine says:

    Just found you! Glad you’re back! 🙂
    Amen on the clothes thing, and the flip-flops, too. I must confess to practically living in sandals during the summer, but flops seem like something that should be reserved for the pool. However, with footwear fashion being what it is, the line between nice sandal and cheap flops has become very fuzzy . . .

    Oh – and my favorite quote from What Not to Wear (which I used to watch but don’t anymore since we opted for cheap cable), “just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it”. Make all the jokes you want about that show (the UK or US version) but they usually gave very good advice about finding clothes that flattered whatever shape your body happened to be at the time. 🙂

  5. rollerpimp says:

    I agree with all posts. I would say that there is a difference between tight clothes and fitted. A suit makes someone look skinnier when it is fitted because it give the body an even silouhette(?). Mumu’s are called that for a reason. Tight clothes on super skinny people is pretty nasty as well. It is like you stumbled into a POW camp of bulemics.

  6. I’m SO on board with you here! I recently saw a woman in her late 60’s or so wearing a body suit (snug!) with knee high socks and cat print boots! I said to my husband (quietly) “What not to wear…” and he said to me, “She looks like she is going hiking, and maybe picking up some water or something for her backpack. I hope I’m hiking when I’m her age.” Ouch! But he’s not above noticing a botched up bo-tox or lip enhanced face! 🙂 Seriously, modesty and good taste may have something to do with being the light of the world–because other people CAN see us….unfortunately for them sometimes.

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