And Another Thing…


What’s in a name? A difficult childhood, for one thing.

My lovely wife sent me this story. Please read it before proceeding.


Alright, I think the time has come to declare some of the names that people give to their children to be abusive. “4Real”? What would be this kid’s chances of getting through school without a weekly beating? Not to mention the constant teasing and ridicule he would have to endure. Will his nickname be “4” or “Real”? If the parents win this case, they might as well make his middle name, “No, Really,” because that is what he is going to be saying after he introduces himself for the rest of his life. Can you imagine putting that name on a job application? What is going to happen when he is old enough to date? The scariest part is wondering what they will name the next child.

 The father justifies this choice by saying, “With this name, everyone knows what it means.”  I wonder if he is considering what people will think it means about the child’s parents.


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